Lori SacklerMONEY. It’s still the taboo topic nobody wants to broach. Even in these trying times, talking about money is a major cause of strife in U.S. households. Planning for a family’s future often prompts a total breakdown in communication, causing lasting damage. Research indicates that a staggering 70 percent of heirs lose their money, assets, and family harmony in the aftermath of estate transfers.

The challenges in recent years have inspired a new updated edition of The M Word by former WOR radio personality and financial advisor Lori Sackler, who has devoted her career to solving the financial problems plaguing individuals and families today. Here she shows families how to communicate about money matters through all of life’s transitions—including changes in financial circumstances, remarriage and merging families, retirement, preparing heirs and transferring wealth.

The M Word will help you change the way your family views, spends, and transfers assets, wealth, and family values. You’ll learn how to approach the thorniest of subjects without anxiety or stress, and your family will reap the benefits of secure financial planning for generations to come. Sackler’s detailed five-step plan will help you successfully prepare for, initiate, and execute the “money talk.” Under normal conditions, regularly scheduled money talks are important. Now, those money talks need to take a more sharply focused view of impermanence and uncertainty. The M Word is just the book to make that happen.