The M Word, 2eSince she introduced “Money Talks” a decade ago, they have become widely accepted throughout the personal finance industry as important and necessary. Today, the need for improved money communication has even become a meme in popular culture, finding its way into films and songs. But increased awareness of the problem she highlighted still hasn’t resulted in widespread adoption, and the public discourse only touches the surface without providing real actionable solutions.

In addition, the dramatic societal and economic changes that have taken place in the past few years have made the need for solutions even greater. In this new edition of her classic book, THE M WORD, Sackler has updated not just her exploration of the problem but her solutions in light of the rising costs of living, the pandemic-related changes in many industries, the prioritizing by many young people of work-life balance over income, the historic levels of anxiety among our youth, the stressful polarization of American society, and the increasingly uncertain global environment.

THE M WORD will change the way families view, spend, and transfer assets, wealth, and family values. Readers will learn how to approach the thorniest of subjects without anxiety or stress, and families will reap the benefits of secure financial planning for generations to come. Using the author’s five-step action plan to successfully prepare for, initiate, and execute the “Money Talk,” families will:

    • Understand why the money talk is so important and so hard,
    • Determine the transitions your family is facing and the topics and issues that need to be addressed,
    • Overcome the roadblocks that can keep families from communicating,
    • Prepare yourself and your family — logistically and psychologically — for the money talk,
    • Pick the right professionals to guide you through a complex financial world,
    • Create a process for repeated talks that can keep your families and finances intact.

THE M WORD destigmatizes conversations around money and provides a blueprint for families to communicate honestly and calmly about financial planning.